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Adv. Clinical Hypnotherapist & EMDR Practitioner

Therapies Provided

Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP)

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR)


Health & Wellbeing Coaching


Maxcebo® Therapy (Spiritual/Holistic therapy)

Areas of Expertise

Anxiety & Stress management


Self Esteem & Confidence issues

Managing Menopause

Reconnecting to your Spiritual Self

Healing from negative experiences

Freedom from feeling stuck & repeating negative patterns

Overcoming creative blocks


Advanced Hypnotherapy Adv.Dip. Hyp

EMDR Practitioner Level 3

NLP Practitioner Diploma

Mindfulness Diploma

Health Coach Cert

Massage VTCT Diploma


Ages 14 and above

Under 14s (subject to assessment)

A Bit About Rachel

I am a professionally trained and registered Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Founder of Maxcebo® Therapy & Hypno-Massage. I'm trained in NLP, Life Coaching, EMDR, Massage and Mindfulness. I love helping people to discover who they are authentically, and how best to achieve a life they can truly value and enjoy living.

My life hasn’t always been as wonderful as it is now and so I understand not only what it’s like to feel the grip of internal chaos but also what steps to take to live a more meaningful, happy, and fulfilling life. Hypnotherapy changed my life many years ago and my healing journey brought me to my greatest joy, becoming a healing guide for others so they can become unstuck from any negative patterns holding them back.

I also love music and I have worked as a professional vocalist-musician in the music industry for over 20 years both in the UK and abroad. As a creative I totally empathise with how the creative mind often sees the world a little differently and how best to navigate through the difficulties this mindset can often experience. 

I am also a qualified massage therapist and offer Maxcebo® Hypno-Massage, a combination of relaxation massage and hypnosis to include the mind and body collectively to induce deeper healing and releasing of stress and anxiety often held within the body. I am proud to be the first and only therapist to offer this holistic treatment in the North of England! This is a perfect treatment for pain relief, stress, anxiety, weight loss, self-esteem, reconnection with self and much more.

I believe every one of us are truly beautiful and unique, and so, with a holistic approach, every client receives an individually tailored recommended treatment plan. Get in touch today for your FREE consultation. 


Great experience
Game changing! Rachel is a true savant and empath; her insight has been an amazing journey. I have recommended her services without hesitation to many.


My 13-year-old daughter had extreme anxiety due to her autism. She had hypnotherapy with Rachel. We have seen a huge difference with her confidence. And I now have a child who is happy each day and enjoying school again. 


I approached Rachel a few months ago in order to use her Hypnotherapy services. I wanted to get to the bottom of some limiting beliefs which I know have been holding me back from fully engaging with the passion I have for music and in particular guitar playing. By the second session she had nailed the reason to the point that I am now well on my journey to really fulfilling my dream of mastering the instrument. Thank you, Rachel. 


Just wonderful!
I have had three sessions with Rachel, my mum has had two. Its been a magical experience. I feel reconnected with myself. Rachel is so intuitive and so easy to talk to. It’s just an amazing healing experience. My mum was dealing with chronic pain. She's now so much better and writing her book. 


I have had the privilege of working with Rachel for a while now. She is a truly gifted therapist in many aspects. After working with her, I feel like my life's difficulties and dilemmas are resolving and dissolving. She has an amazing and rare gift of not only being a deep listener, but also of really understanding where I am coming from. Her guidance is nuanced and delicate, and she really understands how to allow me to look within to find my truth and how to live a more purpose-filled life. I can't say enough about how much I value Rachel. She is a rare gift from the Universe! 

Amazing Hypno-Massage experience, just what I needed. I even felt a lot better the following day. Rachel was lovely and immediately put me at ease highly recommended for anyone who is feeling stressed I will certainly be returning for more. 

Sea Shore
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