Claire McNulty is a clinical hypnotherapist, and a wellbeing coach, she works with adults and children in homes, schools, the community, and our clinic.

Claire was a primary school teacher for over 20 years. It was through this career that she realised the need for more services relating to staff and pupils’ mental health and emotional wellbeing. She then set out to retrain in various therapeutic practices. She has spent the last 7 years working with adults and children in schools, their homes and in the community in all areas of wellbeing.


Claire offers a solution-based therapy approach, which includes techniques and strategies to enable you to overcome difficulties and move forward to become the best version of yourself. Her aim is to empower people to make positive changes in their life, which will lead them to be happy and successful. All sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs.

If you are committed to making changes in your life, a combination of therapies and techniques can be a very effective way to achieve transformations in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Working together can change long standing thought patterns and negative habits to create a new you.

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Claire McNulty

Areas of expertise
Therapies Offered

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certificate in Life Coaching

Certificate in EMDR Therapy

Certificate in Past life regression

MSBR Mindfulness

Counselling skills

Low self esteem
Unwanted  habits
Fears and phobias

Monday 9am-8pm

Tuesday 9am-8pm

Wednesday 9am-8pm


Life Coaching

EMDR (eye motor desensitisation response)

EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Parent coaching

Children’s therapy

Purchase 5 sessions for the price of 4

Prices & Block Booking Discounts

The price per session with Claire is £60 or £240 for a block booking of 5 sessions, saving you £60. 

All sessions are for the full hour. 

"I can highly recommend Claire for hypnotherapy. I was a total none believer until I had the treatment, prior to having a steroid injection in my spine. No sedation needed for the injection, it felt like a tiny scratch, no discomfort, all thanks to the power of hypnotherapy! The consultant & theatre staff were amazed at my calmness! Totally amazing! Thank you Claire"

"Claire has been fundamental in eradicating my fear of cockroaches! She listened patiently with empathy to my phobia and then proceeded to carefully explain the entire hypnotherapy process and what it would entail to put me at ease. The actual hypnotherapy sessions with her were like nothing I have ever experienced; she was exceptionally professional, natural and very calming throughout each one"

"Claire is very friendly, relaxed & easy going. 

The sessions were excellent and gave me a great insight into different aspects of Mindfulness.

I strongly recommend her to anybody!"

"Claire has worked on my son's confidence, and given him the tools to enable him to grow and be happy. He thinks she is wonderful. Thank you for helping my boy be happy with who he is, and helping him realise that being dyslexic has its advantages. You have changed his life and ours too. If I could leave a review it would be 5 stars!!"