Therapies for Couples

Couple in Nature


Couples counselling provides a non-judgemental supportive and caring approach to help with any issues in your relationship.

Your counsellor will help you to identify any issues you are facing in your relationship. If you decide that couples counselling is the way forward for both of you, you will embark on a series of short term counselling sessions usually around 6-12 sessions. 

Fee: £65 per 75 minute session

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Couples Therapy


Dr Jennifer Pulman works with couples to help to resolve any problems, dissatisfaction and conflict within their relationship.

This is usually short term and is designed to help couples to understand each other's needs and wishes but to also understand themselves and their role in that relationship. 

The aim is to deal with damaging emotions and long standing ways of relating which can affect behaviour. Clients are often given homework or tasks such as conversation topics to complete between their regular sessions. 

Fee: £140 per 90 minute session

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