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Eating disorder recovery coach and Psychotherapist

Therapies Provided

Eating disorder recovery coaching


Areas of Expertise

Eating disorders including anorexia (you don’t have to be underweight to be suffering), bulimia, binge eating, eating problems 

Low self-esteem

Body image


Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Skills

Advanced Diploma in Eating Disorders

CBT-e and MANTRA training (specific evidence based eating disorder therapies)

MSc Integrative Psychotherapy (result pending)


16 years and above

A Bit About Linda

I am an Eating Disorder Coach as well as a qualified person centred therapist and I have just completed a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy. I have 5+ years experience of working with people with eating disorders including in-patient experience. What that means is that I have sufficient knowledge, training and experience to work with the complexities of an eating disorder - but not only the eating disorder. 


The work is collaborative and involves psychoeducation around the effects of an eating disorder on the body and brain. We also do lifeline work to identify the factors that have made it more likely that someone might develop an eating disorder and the ways that an eating disorder is useful to them. We then work side by side to build the skills and strategies needed to be able to manage life without an eating disorder. The work may focus on motivation, values, core beliefs, unhelpful thinking styles, perfectionism and problem solving for example. Some of the work is cognitive and involves noticing, challenging and changing unhelpful thoughts and some of it is about changing behaviours. The goal is to make the eating disorder redundant by building the client's own resources, resilience, identity and self-esteem. 


As a therapist, I also offer a safe, non-judgemental space to focus on what else is going on – we don’t have to follow a rigid structure, it’s about finding out what works for the individual. I have a great deal of empathy, but if an eating disorder needs calling out, I can do that when the client can’t.


There is no denying that this work is challenging, for everyone involved, but my aim is to empower my clients by helping them to build resilience and a stronger sense of self - modelling compassion and determination. I firmly believe that clients have all the resources they need and I am committed to helping them to identify and utilise those strengths and resources. Where necessary, I will require liaison with a GP to ensure that physical health is monitored. I will also work with parents, carers, partners and family to ensure that they are able to provide support and feel supported. I ask clients to keep a record of food and related thoughts and behaviours which can be done via an app. Eating disorders usually require a minimum of 20 weekly sessions.

Client Testimonials

“Thanks to you, I now have the tools, strength and knowledge to get through hard times without turning to punishing my body.”

Sea Shore
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